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What are your hours and how would I make an appointment for detailing?
What is the real story about my new car’s finish?
Why should I avoid gas station car washes?
What about home washing or charity washing?
How often should I wash or wax my car?
What should I do about Love Bugs?
Can I wash my van at Johnny’s?

What are your hours and how would I make an appointment for detailing? 
We are open at Johnny’s, 8 to 5:30p.m., Monday thru Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm.  You do not need to make an appointment for a car wash or any of our Express Detailing Services. These services can be done While-U-Wait. If your car needs deep interior cleaning, or has heavy oxidation or other problems, such as paint overspray, please call us at 941-955-2819, and set up an appointment. Most of these services can be completed in 4 hours. Prices quoted over the phone are subject to change upon one of our service technicians actually seeing and evaluating your vehicle’s needs.

What is the real story about my new car’s finish?  Misconceptions abound. a.) My new car salesman said to never take it to an automatic car wash.  b.) My car has a clear coat finish and doesn’t need waxing.  c.) The dealership said, “I have a special wax sealant on my car and it will never need waxing.”  The truth is, all cars finishes, clear coat or otherwise, are subject to the same damaging effects of the environment.  They will oxidize, or fade, and therefore need regular care.  Washing your car at a quality full service car wash, and having it detailed using our Express Wax Service regularly will keep your car’s finish in excellent shape.  At Johnny’s, in our car wash, we use the latest in equipment technology to effectively clean your vehicle.  We use gentle soft cloth material generously flushed with recycled, environmentally safe, filtered water. The final rinse and any wax process applied to you car uses fresh water.  Our wash and wax solutions are brand name, biodegradable products manufactured especially for the car wash industry and meet, or exceed, all requirements established by the EPA.

Why should I avoid gas station car washes?    Remember, these people are in the gas business first and use the wash tie in to promote gas sales.  Their attention to the carwash is secondary, and they generally do not keep their equipment in good working order.  The solutions used to wash your vehicle are the minimum needed.  Be careful!

What about home washing or charity washing?  If you wash your car at home or at a charity car wash, be sure you understand some of the pitfalls.  a.) Be sure an environmentally safe washing solution is used that is specifically made for washing cars, i.e. not a dish detergent.  b.) Realize that the washing material being used, be it a mitt, sponge or towel, should be rinsed thoroughly so as to get out any grit that could possible scratch the finish of you car.  c.) Understand that all the water and soap used for outside washing goes directly into the sewer system.  d.) USA Today did a study that shows the average car wash at home uses 120 gallons of water.  At Johnny’s we use under 25.

How often should I wash or wax my car?   It depends on the external factors to which your car is exposed.  Salt, sand, or other corrosive matter should be washed off immediately.  The frequency of regular washing or waxing will vary depending on where your car is parked: in a garage, in the sun, under the carport, under a tree or in areas of acid rain.  Also, remember rain does not wash your car.  Your car should be washed anywhere from once a week to once every two weeks.  Applying on-line waxes (Rain-X, Polish ‘N Wax, Poly Shell 1000) in the car wash tunnel definitely helps prolong and protect you car’s finish.  Express Hand Waxing should be done every two to three months.  Preventative maintenance will save your car’s paint. Don’t wait till oxidation and dullness take over.

What should I do about Love Bugs?  Bug residue and bird droppings contain acids which start to eat at a car’s finish immediately.  These should be washed off as soon as possible.  We do not recommend cooking oils be applied before a trip.  Bug Bloc is a product we can apply after your wash that will make Love Bug removal easier and protect your paint.

Can I wash my van at Johnny’s?   Our tunnel will accommodate any vehicle up to 90” high.  This includes most vans. Vans with extended toppers will not fit, but can be hand washed. Cars with wide tires and convertible tops go through our wash line easily and are safe to wash at Johnny’s.

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